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Profile Suggestions

You want your Intouch profile to work for you in such a way that you are able to continually get booked on set. This is a very reasonable demand that can be easily met. With some helpful suggestions, you will be able to get booked


First, make sure that you have a couple recent nice photos on your profile. These do not have to be professionally done, but you and your background should look very presentable. Additionally, these photos should be updated every two years, and even sooner if you have changed up your hair or have grown a beard.

Secondly, it works to your advantage to list some skills that you are proficient at. You many only have one skill that you are proficient at, and that is perfectly fine. A casting director may just be looking for that one particular skill.

And most importantly, login to your profile regularly and submit to available job posting by your agent. Your agent needs to see that you are active and involved.

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